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Ana Pais Oliveira (Vila Nova de Gaia, 1982) lives and works in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. She graduated in Painting at the School of Fine Arts, University of Porto (2005) and she has a PhD on Art & Design – Painting with the project Colour between pictorial and architectural space: relational processes in contemporary artistic practices (2015, School of Fine Arts, University of Porto). She obtained the diploma of Merit for the best classification in the PhD on Art & Design, academic year 2015/2016. She is a resident artist at FACE – Fórum de Arte e Cultura de Espinho, where she has her studio and collaborates in various initiatives since April 2016. She is a collaborator member in the Art and Design Nucleus at the Research Institute in Art, Design and Society (i2ADS), School of Fine Arts, University of Porto and a member of the investigation group Bases Conceptuais da Investigação em Pintura (2014-2019). She had an investigation scholarship from the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) between 2011 and 2015. She is also a member of the AIC Study Group on Environmental Colour Design and of APcor – Associação Portuguesa da Cor. She was part of the Portuguese selection for the Young European Biennial 2013/2015, was selected to the XV Open Call of Galeria Luis Adelantado in Valencia (2013) and won Kunstpreis Young Art Award <33 [colour] from the Gallery Art Forum Ute Barth in Zürich, Switzerland, where she had her solo show in the summer of 2014. She was also long listed to the Solo Award 2016 / London Art Fair 2017, promoted by Wilson Williams Contemporary Art Gallery, London. She won the acquisition prize Amigos da Biblioteca-Museu de Amarante in the 9th Edition of the Prize Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso (2013), the First Prize Aveiro Jovem Criador (2009), the First Prize Engenho e Arte (2009), the First Prize Arte XXI 10 (2009) and the First Prize Eixo Atlântico in the VIII Biennial Eixo Atlântico do Noroeste Peninsular (2008). She regularly participates in conferences and seminars about her work and investigation, having presented it recently in Genoa, Newcastle, Valencia, Monção, Lisbon and Porto.

Her work is represented in the collections Focus-Abengoa Foundation (Seville), Banco BPI, Eixo Atlântico, Casa da Cultura/Casa Barbot, Museu Municipal de Espinho, Museu Municipal de Amarante and private collections.

Artist Statement

In her painting work, Ana intends to bring to pictorial space the presence of an architectonic language and geometric structures that are almost penetrable and manageable, where we can access to concepts as space, scale, limits, matter and construction. There is an interest in the formal and aesthetical dimension of the architectonic language and the represented constructions, being wrong and impossible, intend to question what makes us feel at home, protected and sheltered

Her recent work can be defined by the expression Painting outside itself, a designation that refers to the disseminated concept of expanded painting but, perhaps in a more poetic and subtle sense, it refers rather to the painting that has ceased to feel comfortable with itself and recognize the ways in which it is conventionally defined, translated or portrayed, borrowing nearby grammars. It is a painting that moves forward in the direction of spatial research, three-dimensionality and the invasion of the real space, remaining faithful to its painting being.

Nonetheless, at the end of such journey, it always returns to its means, processes and questions, attempting to behave honestly and confirming its inexhaustibleness. This painting being is truly connected to the importance of colour in her work, used as groundwork in the creative process and a fundamental composition element that transforms space. Colour has, in Ana’s work, a major role in the process of interaction between pictorial and architectural languages and specificities, being determinant in our perception of depth, volume and illusion.

So, in Ana’s work painting converses with architecture through a mutual questioning and hybridization and, generally, the pictorial dimension prevails, as a result of colour being privileged as an expressive and visual element with a significant transformative potential.

A light green tree house, 150x100cm.2018

Solo Exhibitions:

Look up, there is beauty, Art Forum Ute Barth

Ar livre, Fórum de Arte e Cultura de Espinho
A cor é o assunto, Galeria S. Mamede, Lisboa

Climbing tree houses, Galeria Shairart, Braga
O Bairro, Fórum da Maia

Pintura fora de si, Museum of the School of Fine Arts, University of Porto (PhD final exhibition)
Pintura fora de si (ou algumas soluções de habitação), Museu Municipal Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, Amarante

Solo Show Winner Kunstpreis Young Art Award, Art Forum Ute Barth, Zürich, Switzerland
Sedução em Erro, Galeria S. Mamede, Lisboa

Dwellings, Galeria Símbolo, Porto
Desired Shelters, Theatre’s Gallery of Pombal

Inabitável, Estoril Casino’s Art Gallery
Entre(tanto) e quase nada, Culture House/Barbot House, Vila Nova de Gaia

Passagens (a ferro), Galeria Parábola, Porto

Não-Lugares, Municipal Auditorium of Vila Nova de Gaia


Focus-Abengoa Foundation’s Collection, Sevilha, Spain
Municipal Museum Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, Amarante
Municipal Museum of Espinho
Vila Nova de Gaia’s Municipal Auditorium
BPI Bank
Grupo Nautilus
Culture House/ Casa Barbot  (Vila Nova de Gaia)/ Gaianima
Atlantic Axle
Private Collections

Group Exhibitions:


  • Arte de Bolso 2017, Galeria Sete, Coimbra.
  • Coletiva de Natal, Galeria Porto Oriental, Porto.
  • Twenty of 17, DaVinci Art Gallery, Porto.
  • Arte e Negócios, AIP – Associação Industrial Portuguesa, Lisboa.
  • Prémio Abel Manta de Pintura, Gouveia.
  • Premio Internacional de Pintura Focus-Abengoa, Fundação Focus-Abengoa, Sevilha.
  • Prémio de Pintura do Congresso Português de Cardiologia, Palácio de Congressos do Algarve.
  • 4ª Bienal Internacional Mulheres d’Artes, Espinho (Invited artist).


  • A Arte Portuguesa no feminino, Galería Arte-Imagen, Corunha.
  • 77 Exposición Internacional de Artes Plásticas de Valdepeñas.
  • Onda Bienal em Cerveira, Fórum Cultural de Cerveira.
  • A Mostra’16, Lisboa, Edifício Vasco da Gama, Doca de Alcântara, Lisboa.
  • Uamo Art Festival, Einstein Kultur, Theater Musik Wort Bild, München.
  • A Mostra, Porto’16 Preview, Porto.
  • Woman with He(Art), DaVinci Art Gallery, Porto.
  • Onda Bienal, Vila Nova de Gaia.
  • Art4Moz, curated by Catarina Machado, Douro Marina, Vila Nova de Gaia.


  • 3C – Compasso / Contacto / Contratempo – 12ª Exposição shair, Galeria emergentes dst, Braga.
  • Arte de Bolso – 4ª Edição, Galeria Sete, Coimbra.
  • Colectiva de Natal, Galeria Porto Oriental, Porto.
  • 15´de fama, Extéril and Bienal da Maia – Lugares de Viagem, Momento III – A Capacidade de um Objecto-Lugar, Fórum da Maia.
  • Kunst Zürich Art Fair 2014, Booth Art Forum Ute Barth, Zürich, Switzerland.
  • #Best of… 20 Jahre, Art Forum Ute Barth, Zurique.
  • Arte e Negócios 2015, org. We Art – Agência de Arte, Porto Business School, Porto.
  • Woman with He(Art), DaVinci Art Gallery, Porto.
  • Perspetivas singulares, DaVinci Art Gallery, Porto.
  • Spring Brings, Mercearia de Arte Alves & Silvestre, Coimbra.
  • Spring Brings, Mercearia de Arte Alves & Silvestre, Coimbra.
  • Olhares de Mulheres, Projeto She/Ela, curated by Genoveva Oliveira, organized by Mercearia de Arte Alves e Silvestre and Câmara Municipal de Coimbra, Casa Municipal da Cultura de Coimbra.


  • Transformações, Galeria Rectângulo de Ouro, Vila Nova de Cerveira.
  • Colectiva de Natal, Galeria 3.14 Arte Contemporânea, Porto.
  • Kunst Zürich Art Fair, Booth Art Forum Ute Barth, Zürich, Switzerland.
  • Projeto Assobiador, Mercearia de Arte Alves & Silvestre, Coimbra.
  • Coletiva, Galeria Paulo Nunes Arte Contemporânea, Vila Franca de Xira.
  • Oito artistas noutro lugar, Casa do Governador/Castelo de Beja, in association with Museu Jorge Vieira and curated by Miguel Sousa Ribeiro, Beja.
  • Premio Internacional de Artes Plásticas de Caja de Extremadura Obra Abierta 2014, Complejo Cultural Las Claras, Plasencia, Espanha.
  • Teoria da Pintura, curated by Hugo Soares and João Gigante, Galeria da AISCA, Viana do Castelo.


  • 50 Artistas de Dentro e de Fora, Casa da Cultura José Rodrigues, Alfândega da Fé.
  • Exposição Coletiva, Galeria Paulo Nunes Arte Contemporânea, Vila Franca de Xira.
  • Portuguese representation in the Young European Creation Biennial 2013/2015, itinerant through Montrouge (France), Maastricht (Netherland), Hamburg (Germany), Klaïpeda (Lithuania), Budapest (Hungary), Como (Italy), Figueres (Spain) and Amarante (Portugal).
  • XV Open Call, Galeria Luis Adelantado, Valencia.
  • Group exhibition, 3.14 Arte Contemporânea, Espinho.
  • Arte de Bolso 2013, Galeria Sete, Coimbra.
  • Projeto Assobiador, Galeria Metamorfose, Porto.
  • 9th Edition of Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso Prize, Amarante.
  • Project Room, Sala Rectângulo de Ouro, República das Artes – Exhibition integrated in the programme of the 17a Bienal de Cerveira, Vila Nova de Cerveira.
  • Projeto III, Galeria Paulo Nunes – Arte Contemporânea, Pavilhão Cevadeiro, Vila Franca de Xira.
  • 2a Bienal Mulheres d’Artes, Museu Municipal de Espinho.


  • Arte de Bolso mod. 2012, Sete Gallery, Coimbra.
  • Bakalhau, curated by Nuno Sacramento Contemporary Art, Ílhavo.
  • LP, sput&nik thewindow, Oporto.
  • XIV Edición Premio Pintura Joven Granada 2012.
  • Espaço Habitado, Fórum de Arte e Cultura de Espinho.
  • Painting and Sculpture Group Exhibition, Galeria S. Mamede, Lisboa.
  • Painting and Sculpture Group Exhibition, Galeria S. Mamede – Centro Cultural S. Lourenço, Algarve.
  • Group Exhibition, Galeria Símbolo, Porto.


  • 8th Edition of the Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso Prize, Municipal Museum  of Amarante.
  • Observatório, exposição dos alunos do curso de Doutoramento em Arte e Design (2ª edição), Museu da Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade do Porto.
  • Oralidade, futuro da arte, exhibition from Art and Design PhD students, Fine-Arts Faculty of Oporto University Museum.
  • Oiã começa por O, Junta de Freguesia de Oiã, curated by Nuno Sacramento Contemporary Art.
  • Arte em Segredo, Galeria dos Leões, Porto.
  • Wallpaper, Art & Design Barcelona Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.


  • Entrelinhas, Galeria Kompass, Aveiro.
  • Arte Solidária, Galeria 57, Torre de Macau, Macau.
  • Bienal Internacional de Artes Plásticas e Design Industrial da Marinha Grande.
  • Arte Jovem 2010 – Linhas da Imaginação, Torres Vedras.
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  • XI Edição do Prémio de Pintura e Escultura D. Fernando II, Sintra.
  • XXVIII International Painting Prize Eugenio Hermoso, Badajoz.
  • XIV Iberian Painting Prize „Doñana“, Amonte, Huelva.


  • Painting Prize Focus-Abengoa 2009, Hospital de los Venerables, Sevilha.
  • Iniciativa X, Arte Contempo, Lisboa.
  • XXV Certamen de Artes Plásticas de Ciudad Rodrigo 2009, Ciudad Rodrigo – Salamanca.
  • 7th Edition of Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso Prize, Museu Municipal de Amarante.
  • 1º Prémio Jovem de Artes Plásticas – Centro de Artes e Espectáculos da Figueira da Foz/Galerias Sacramento, Figueira da Foz.
  • IV Bienal de Coruche.
  • XXV Certamen de Artes Plásticas de Ciudad Rodrigo 2009, Ciudad Rodrigo – Salamanca.
  • 6ª Bienal Internacional de Arte Jovem de Vila Verde.
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  • Prémio Abel Manta de Pintura, Gouveia.
  • Egg Parade 2009, Vila Nova de Gaia.
  • XIII Prémio Ibérico de Pintura “Doñana”, Almonte (Huelva).
  • Engenho e Arte, Biblioteca Municipal de Vila Nova de Gaia.


  • Art’let do Almada – Contemporary Art, Porto.
  • On Europe, 1th Montijo’s International Biennial, IX Vespeira Prize.
  • VIII Painting Prize Atlantic Axle of Peninsular Nor-west Biennial 2008-2010.
  • V Bienal de Pintura Arte Jovem de Penafiel.
  • VI Ciclo de Apresentações Artísticas, Pavilhão de Feiras e Exposições de      Penafiel.
  • Prémio Abel Manta de Pintura, Gouveia.
  • 30+6 – Premiados do Salão de Primavera, Galeria de Arte do Casino Estoril.


  • 5th International Young Art Biennial of Vila Verde.
  • XV + 15, OWO Art Gallery, Porto.
  • Rumar a Mar Alto, Teatro Aveirense.
  • III Coruche’s Biennial.


  • 1st Contemporary Art International Biennial of Aveiro, Galeria da Antiga Capitania.
  • VII Painting Prize Atlantic Axle of Peninsular Nor-west Biennial 2006-2007.


  • 14th Europ’Art Genève, International Art Fair, Palexpo, Switzerland.
  • 8th Young Painters Prize Fidelidade – Mundial, Lagoa, Algarve.
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  • Arte XXI 7, Galeria da Junta de Freguesia de Espinho.
  • Prémio de Pintura e Escultura Artur Bual, Recreios da Amadora.


  • 8th Young Painters Prize Fidelidade – Mundial, Culturgest, Oporto and Lisbon.
  • 2nd Estoril’s Contemporary Art Fair, Estoril’s Congress Center.